TruViz has built a tremendous track record over the last 10 years of very successful Analytics implementations. We understand business. We understand systems. We understand that every business has unique system requirements. So we take the time to understand your needs and make sure we meet them.

To ensure the success of our Analytics implementations we have developed our own process that focus on best practices. Our methodology, designed with a balance between structure and flexibility, enables us to provide a fast and efficient implementation of Analytics software solutions every time. Our approach provides you with results and rapid returns. We believe in simplicity and value. Analytics software solutions are based on this philosophy and our unique implementation approach is no different.

Technical skills alone are not enough to guarantee a successful Analytics implementation. At TruViz, we have a large team of Consultants ready to work with our customers to bring together the many facets of a business intelligence (BI) project.

Whether you are just getting started or working on an enterprise wide dual deployment of Analytics , our certified team of Analytics experts can help successfully implement your next challenge.

BI Application Development

Our goal is to build long term lasting relationships with our clients and partners. We do this in part by helping them become self-sufficient. However, sometimes a challenge arises that requires deeper expertise in connectivity, integration, data modeling, and solution design and development than most clients possess on their own. In these cases TruViz professional Analytics development team works closely with in-house subject matter experts, business users, and project stakeholders to design and build an optimal solution. Providing the thought leadership, industry experience, best practice knowledge, and dedication required to ensure successful design and development of solutions.

Enterprise BI Considerations

While most Analytics implementations are successfully run by in-house resources, TruViz consulting services team can guide larger more complex enterprise BI deployments. Working together with your in-house IT and technical support staff TruViz has the talent and skill sets needed to address even the most challenging BI project requirements. We also work closely with internal teams to monitor progress, measure success, and create a BI strategy that ensures long term sustainability and continued success. This includes laying out strategies for the development and successful implementation a Business Intelligence Center of Excellence (COE) with the Analytics technology and product family at its core.


Organizations that invest in Analytics Products to deliver their BI & Analytics Platform, ‘Enterprise Intelligence” Solution have a need for implementation and guidance of Governance (beyond the technical aspects of server engineering, data modeling and application building.) TruViz is experienced, engaged and effective across numerous implementations of Analytics and a framework for guiding our customers to effective Governance.
We provide Governance (mechanisms& processes) that can strategically impact your organization’s level of adoption and performance. We are uniquely positioned because of our explicit project management office (PMO) expertise, a high-level roadmap, proven methodology and deep familiarity with governance process.

Executive support for BI & Analytics, “Enterprise Intelligence” Governance team leader

We provide council and guidance to the leader of the Business Intelligence Governance team.

Organizational Development

We conduct a skills assessment and provide specific guidance on training, staffing and organizational design. Includes Center of Excellence, transitional and final staffing models.

Process review / support

We provide guidance on good practices for process, standards, policy and procedures that support quality and sustainable growth of the BI & Analytics Platform.

Data Governance

We provide guidance on good practices for process, standards, and management of landed data.

Application Governance

We provide guidance on good practices for process, standards, and management of Analytics applications.

Environment Governance

We provide guidance on good practices for process, standards, and management of Analytics environment.